[ˈ] Finnish word for zeal, eagerness, passion

INTO Interior represents my passion for timeless, simple and functional design to make life just a little bit more meaningful, enjoyable and ultimately fun. I believe that by spending time with people who inspire us and time in surroundings which make us feel at ease, happiness and purpose will come naturally.

I believe that by using common sense in our actions we can make a lasting impact to preserve the beauty of our environment for future generations and ourselves.

As part of our moral responsibility we want to address the impact of climate change and plant at least one tree for each stool sold in areas which suffer the most by climate change.



Stool & Tray

Urban spaces require innovative solutions as we are often pressed for space. With our folding stool "Mustikka" we want to offer a practical alternative for the one extra seat that is always missing. At the same time, Mustikka transforms into a side-table and hosts its coordinated tray Puolukka. Mustikka comes with a wall-mount which can also be used as a rack. Stool and tray fit the same wall-unit - for practicality at the same time. 


Our collection contains a snug collection of plywood trays and breakfast platters. As part of the collection, the designs are inspired from stacks of logs, waves on the lake and birch trees. With each design we want to bring the soothing effects of nature into our urban spaces.


Cushions are essential elements to our living spaces to add warmth and structure. Our nature-inspired designs serve the purpose of calming your mind and creating a little sanctuary through colour, print and materials. We especially like the touch and feel of linen which gets better and softer over time


We have created a small collection of ceramic items to give you all the elements you need to relax, dine and drink on the sofa and regain your energy for your next adventure - just enjoy


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