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Desing with common sense


- because the best solution always makes sense

BRAND: Design Resources

Simplicity is key to a happy and balanced life, and at INTO we live by this belief. Why make things complicated when there is an easier way? Drawing inspiration from nature, we strive for balance and purpose in everything we do. Unlike industrial force and urban planning, nature achieves a delicate harmony between flora and fauna. By incorporating this balance into our living spaces through functional, natural materials and simple forms, we enhance our daily experience and bring joy to our lives.


At INTO, we strive for excellence by focusing on creativity, functionality, and the Nordic core design values. We encourage living life to its fullest by staying true to oneself and utilizing simple common sense. Our approach emphasizes the use of natural materials and clean, minimalist forms to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Ee believe that applying common sense to our daily actions is crucial for a meaningful and happy life. It's common sense to treat our world with respect and create sustainable items that work and last while looking good. We value creativity, functionality, and Nordic design values to achieve the best possible outcome.
Having fun and enjoying what we do is equally important, as it all makes so much common sense. Join us in living a fulfilling life with simple, common sense principles.

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