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MY STORY: Design Resources

Me being little

The saw-dust on the floor, the sound of turning wood, the smell of the wielding iron from my Father's workshop have shaped my passion for craftsmanship and interest in timeless design since I was very little. I have always been intrigued by the beauty and feel of natural materials and Dad´s ability to mold almost any material into functional and visually appealing forms. Woods and fabrics have especially caught my attention for their beautiful and diverse characteristics. Also combining old tools and techniques with modern design and materials have inspired me to be creative


Me growing up

I grew up in the countryside of Northern Germany, spent time traveling the world, visiting big cities and have lived my adult life in Finland. The vast and beautiful landscape of Finnish forests and lakes has taught me the importance of giving your mind some rest from the fast and ever-changing world. My passion for functional design mixed with a background in International Economics has guided me to strive for simple solutions. Into Interior is my personal interpretation of what functional and aspirational (inspirational) products combined with social and environmental values mean to me. These are global issues which become more important all the time and which can only be solved together.


Me being grateful

I am extremely grateful to my parents who have challenged me to grow as a person, feeling loved and secure even when venturing into new territories and adventures. My Mother with her love for the Arts and Music and my Father with his strong passion for craft and admiration for workmanship.

With the tools they gave me, it has only felt natural to pursue my passion for design and create Into Interior with my own views on a sustainable lifestyle. The process of designing my products has created a much deeper connection between my heritage and present life.


Us together

To really make a difference, we have to work together to understand each other and see the variations between us as a gift and not a threat. Together we are stronger - together there could be greatness - together we can protect our world for ourselves and the generations to come.

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