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Imagine a sunny summer afternoon with no responsibilities, your thoughts are free to wander as you are about to go for an extended walk in pristine nature. Without plan nor pressure your mind relaxes and lets you access memories which were long forgotten. The lush green leaves of the birch trees offer shade yet the soft light that falls through the leaves makes your skin feel warm. The white bark of the trees reflects the sun and draws you further into the woods.


All of a sudden you find yourself stepping onto an open field. The smell of freshly chopped wood in the summer sun draws you towards large piles of birch trees just waiting to be turned into the most wonderful items your mind conjures up. The open field reveals slopes and ridges you never realised were there before, offering an unrestricted view to a lake in the distance. A perfect place for new life and wild raspberries.


And then you are on your way again, along quaint old farm-houses, with their weathered planks in beautiful shades of grey. Walking down the forest tracks, along smooth boulders and trees of all kinds just to finally arrive at the lake.  So after a long walk it is time to just dangle your feet into the water to make some waves and let your thoughts float freely.


But wait, is it time for blueberries yet? One over there looks ripe, another one peeks through the bushes and then, suddenly, you are surrounded by fields of blueberries. Time stands still, one berry as unique as the next, and all in harmony with the surrounding nature. Not long and you have picked enough, relaxed and finally ready to go back to the cottage and share your finds with your friends. Is the sauna heated yet? Looking forward to the extended outdoor dinner  - all crowned with freshly picked blueberry pancakes for dessert.

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