MUSTIKKA stool was inspired by the Finnish forests with their abundance of berries. MUSTIKKA - as blueberry means in Finnish - is one of the most common finds in the nordic forests. The only thing you can be sure of, you will not be able to pick them all.


Our MUSTIKKA foldable stool is a practical interior element which gives you all the functions you would like to have in a stool. It gives you the one extra chair when quickly needed. Or why not use as bedside table. It also comes with a separate wall-mount which can be used as clothing hook while not accomodating the stool.


In addition, you can add functions with our separate tray PUOLUKKA which fits on top of the stool for multiple use as side-table. PUOLUKKA tray also fits onto the same wall-mount for additional practical use.


Colour: Natural birch wood
  • 100% birch plywood

    Height: 45cm

    Sitting are: 41.5cm diameter

    Wood protection: varnish

  • 6430070560014